APTEST ( By Aptavid ) 

McArthur Medical is pleased to to be selected as a distributor for this invaluable tool in the fight against the Coronavirus.  
Protect yourself, your staff and your business with immediate results, by simply swabbing a surface (s) and inserting the swab into the vial, no Lab or Incubator required.  Through regular testing, the potential effects of a positive test will be dramatically reduced.    
The Aptest is currently approved for all surfaces . 

Product availability in September of 2020

We are accepting orders now, as initial available quantity is limited.

This technology developed and manufactured in Canada.

Our Solution

Brush swab on surface[s]

Shake vial and place swab inside solution 

Wait 5 minutes to see if color changed

Color changes means positive resaults

  • colorimetric sensor at scale 
  • Changes color w/ SARS-CoV-2 viral caspid present 
  • Extremely accurate*
  • Manufactured in Canada

Team Members


George Botos

20+ Yrs experience in roduct and business development in infection Confrol and Medical Device industries. Genemis, Germiphene (Young Innovations).


Russel Hanson

20+ Yrs in chemical engineering, biomarkers, biophysics, nanoparticle sensor development Augustus Intelligence, Mt. Sinai, Harvard Medical School, MIT Media Lab,


Jeffery Hwang

30+ yrs of business experience. President, COO, & CFO of private biotechs. Raised private capital, manufactured a biologic product and initiated clinical trials. J.P.Morgan, Harvard Business School and the Wharton School.


Daniel Roth

20+ yrs in operations and management of high-growth companies in security & defense, life sciences, with both b2b and b2c experience. Studied Biology at Trinity College and earned MBA at IDC Herzliya.


Validation in partnership with FDA certified laboratory,

Detects SARS- CoV-2 itself, not antibodies

Color changes indicates positive test


  • Immediate result
  • Detects SARS-CoV-2*
  • Point-of-care**
  • Eliminates costly lab processing 
  • Priced to make accessible to all 


  • Public access
  • Workspace
  • Equipment 
  • Restaurants / Hospitality
  • At home 
Make sure you get it! 

quantity is limited and we are accepting pre orders now 

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