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Plaque HD is a standard fluoride toothpaste, with a built in disclosing agent.
Plaque HD has been proven to reduce plaque by over 50% compared to standard toothpastes.

More about Plaque HD

How does plaque HD toothpaste work?

Plaque HD toothpaste uses Targetol Technology to highlight the plaque on teeth in a vibrant green. Being able to see their plaque means your patients will always know where to spend a little extra time brushing.

What is plaque HD toothpaste?
Plaque HD Toothpaste is an FDA-registered fluoride toothpaste which has a built-in disclosing agent. When you brush your teeth with Plaque HD, it turns the plaque on your teeth green.

Watch How Plaque HD Works

On The Go Pocket Fresh Breath Spray


  • 12 Item in pack
  • One regular spray
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Whitening Plaque HD Identifying Toothpaste


  • Turn your plaque green, brush it away
  • Gentle, yet effective whitening agents
  • Now with Xylitol, a plant-sourced sweetener
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Plaque HD Identifying Toothpaste


  • 12/pcs

Available flavors:

  • Fresh Mint
  • Berry Bubble Gum
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