Estelite Bulk Fill Flow PLTs (Pre-Loaded Tips)


Esthetic and strong all on its own

Estelite Bulk Fill Flow is a light-cured, flowable bulk fill composite that utilizes spherical filler technology (70% by weight/ 56% by volume) to deliver simpler restorations with superior final results – no additional layers or composites needed up to 4mm. Higher shade, opacity, and glossiness offer greater esthetics, while higher compressive and flexural strength, higher wear resistance, lower shrinkage stress, and excellent cavity adaptation provide worry-free restorations that last.

Now bulk fill restorations can be beautiful too

  • 5 shades with higher shade matching
  • Higher opacity when cured
  • Easier polishability and longer lasting glossiness

A faster bulk fill

  • No capping layer needed up to 4mm – no extra steps
  • 10 seconds curing time – overhalf the curing time of other brands

A bulk fill for worry-free restorations

  • Higher cavity adaptation prevents gaps and voids found in other bulk fill
  • Spherical fillers reduce shrinkage stress to a minimum
  • More consistently cured from bottom to top

A stronger, more durable bulk fill

  • Higher compressive and flexural strength – 52% higher than the leading flowable bulk fill
  • Lower wear and abrasion for restorations that last

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