Estelite Flow Quick PLT


Two optimal viscosities, same amazing properties

Estelite Flow Quick and Estelite Flow Quick High Flow are universal supra-nano filled flowable resin composites, perfect for cavity lining and a wide variety of indications. Building on the proven success of Estelite’s spherical filler technology, Estelite Flow Quick composites deliver superior esthetics, ideal handling, excellent polishability and outstanding long-term mechanical strengths.


  • Experience superior blending effect and wider shade matching range with Estelite’s spherical filler technology.
  • Extended working time (90 seconds) under ambient light with only 10 seconds light curing.
  • Excellent handling for effortlessly application.


  • Excellent polishability and exceptional surface gloss.
  • Minimum color change after light curing.


  • Superior mechanical strengths and exceptional wear resistance.
  • Estelite Flow Quick contains 71% filler by weight (53% by volume).
  • Estelite Flow Quick High Flow contains 68% by weight (49% by volume).
  • Very low polymerization shrinkage

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