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First Service Dental has partnered with Amrak HealthCare, to offer a webinar on how to ensure the quality of the water from your Dental Unit Waterlines is safe for you and your patients.

The probability that your waterlines now posses a significantly higher CFU  count and bacterial level has dramatically increased due to the inactivity of the dental units.

Be ready to safely ” hit the ground ”  running through the steps shown in this Webinar.

Topics will include:

  • an overview of biofilm / acceptable CFU counts
  • accurate water testing and effective shocking of the waterlines.

Section 7 of Public Health IPAC document clearly indicates a necessary maintenance and training  program to manage the lines.

This free webinar will last about 60 minutes and qualifies for CE portfolios and points.


Webinar Date: Wednesday April 29 2020

Time: 10:00 am